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Particular benefits of gps tracking and telematics for special target groups and industries

Track tools and small machinery

Monitoring and tracking tools has become a top priority

GPS Tracking has changed the way companies are managing their fleet. Trucks, cans or heavy machinery are tracked via GPS to enhance productivity, operation times and to locate the assets if they are lost or stolen. Now, new innovative technology turns the internet-of-things into reality by tracking smaller objects, tools or mobile assets.

Even if the loss of a power generator or of a heavy driller might not financially hurt big construction companies but the following cost of staff that cannot complete their work or the cost and time lost to get a replacement is a factor that can disturb the planned project.

The "next big thing" in GPS tracking technology is the evolution of narrowband IOT networks (or LTE Cat1 as it might be called). With the help of narrowband GSM the devices will consume less (battery) power and less data traffic. NB-IOT devices typically send less data (one position a day) and are made for long-term cost-effective operation.

Benefits of the battery powered tracking devices

No wires, no installation, no problems

High Performance

Our trackers are equipped with state-of-the-art high precision GPS modules and ultra-low power consumption

Easy to use

Get the device powered and mointor the GPS location online or on a smartphone. Our devices have premounted SIM cards

Top Security

GPS devices can detect movement and trigger alert in case of low battery power

Long-term tracking

Monitor your assets for 1 to 5 years without battery replacement

Narrowband IOT

We are working on latest mobile operator technology LTE CAT1 and NB-IOT are in preparation.

Low operating cost

The demand for low-cost tool tracking is growing. We work on low cost NB sim cards.

GPS Trackingdevices

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If you want to track houndreds of assets, installation and refurbishing a unit must work fast. Very often, there is no time to recharge internal accus or to replace a device.
Open the lid and replace batteries within seconds. You can use off-the shelf AA batteries, we recommend replaceable Lithium 1.5V batteries for a better operating life time.

2 to 4 years tracking with a daily position

Up Up to 1 year with tracking based on movement

Get tracking positions with battery status

Switch to recovery live tracking over-the-air

Integrated accelerometer for waking up if movement is detected

Very precise GPS module for fast GPS fix (concurrent GPS/GLONASS)

Ultra low deep sleep-mode with 5 micro-amps

Compact in size (115mm x 65mm x 20mm), 250 gr low weight incl. batteries

ToolMatix-23 //
Small in size, but HUGE performance
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The BatteryTracker-10 is used to monitor containers, trailers, movable assets, parcels or luggage. It can be hidden or mounted using internal magnets.
The BatteryTracker-10 can detect movement and sends a precise GPS track e.g. every 15 seconds.
Due to the recharge-able LithiumIon with 10 amper hours capacity accues it can operate over several months.
Recharging can be done with a simple USB cable.

Dimensions (approx): 120mm x 65mm x 35mm

Weight: 250 g

Very sensitive UBLOX GPS chipset (5 meter accuracy)

Internal accu capacity : 10000mAh/3.7V

External power connection: Mini USB + 5.0 V  DC

Operating temperature (with accu)): -20°C ~ + 55°C

On the bottom 5 magnet rings (NdFeB) for easy mounting

Device with rubber seal (max. IP65 splash water protected)

BatteryTracker-10 //
with recharge-able accu
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GPS Fleet Software for construction machinary and assets

The GPS Fleet Software shows the current GPS position, triggers alerts and generates operation time reports for tracked assets, small devices, heavy machinery, trailers or valuable assets

Real-time GPS vehicle tracking

The asset colour shows the asset status:

Monitor gps tracking history and past trips on a map

Analyze past trips, stops, idle times, driving speed or idle times of assets or machinery in the GPS Fleet Software.

Hours of operations and utilization

Effective hours of operations vs. idle times are shown in reports.

Get alerts when leaving the construction site

The GPS Fleet Software triggers alerts if a geofence area is left outside of office hours.

GPS Tracking of corporate fleets

Electronic logbooks | GPS tracking in real-time | Automatic alerts

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